FIRSTRUN Final Conference 29 Jan 2018

FIRSTRUN Final Conference at CEPS on 29 January 2018:
The Future of EU Fiscal Governance: Stabilisation, rules and spillover effects

Over the course of the past three years, a consortium of prestigious universities and economic policy institutes has worked together to carry out research under the FIRSTRUN project. The research team has produced a large body of scientific papers and policy analysis intended to actively contributing to the debate on EU economic governance.

This conference is an opportunity to present selected outputs of the FIRSTRUN project aiming at better understanding how the current EU governance system works as well as discussing potential changes. The conference comes at a very timely moment when the European Commission will be putting forward a more detailed view about the future of EU economic governance. This view will be presented during the conference by Marco Buti, Director-General for Economic and Financial Affairs at the European Commission.


Keynote: Marco Buti (DG ECFIN): The future of the EU fiscal governance

Tero Kuusi (ETLA): Estimating the output gap in real time: Top-down vs. bottom-up

Cinzia Alcidi (CEPS): Shock absorption in the euro area

Rebecca Piggott (NIESR): Fiscal policy spillovers in NiGEM

Thomas Davoine (IHS): Spillover effects from ageing and structural reforms

Alexandre Lucas Cole (LUISS): Fiscal policy coordination and deleveraging

Maria Siranova (IER SAS): The predictive power of the MIP Scoreboard’s indicators

Iain Begg (LSE): Are fiscal and other macroeconomic policy rules past their ‘sell-by’ date?


Video streams:

Keynote by Marco Buti (DG ECFIN) [slides]

The panel discussion led by Daniel Gros on Fiscal rules & Market discipline


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