Public information on reporting in Horizon 2020 projects:

1. General information on reporting and grant management

2. Periodic reporting module: steps

3. Questions and answers

4. Avoiding finance errors (for FP7 projects but useful for Horizon 2020 also)

5. Model Grant Agreement: FINANCIAL ISSUES
(quite helpful, please note that you can see answers to certain calculations if you copy and paste them into Word, for example on page 39)


Periodic report template*
This template shows which kind of information is collected for the periodic reports.

*) The document is aimed at informing potential applicants for Horizon 2020 funding. It serves only as an example. The actual Web forms and templates, provided in the online reporting system under the Participant Portal, might differ from this example. Periodic and final reports must be prepared and submitted via the online reporting system under the Participant Portal.


The Annotated Model Grant Agreement is your manual for all questions regarding the project Grant Agreement and its specifics. Its purpose is to help users understand and interpret the Grant Agreements, by avoiding technical vocabulary, legal references and jargon, and seeking to help readers find answers to any practical questions they may have about particular parts of the GAs.



The Commission organised an information day on amendments, reporting and payments on 24 February 2016. They have released a public webcam stream of the event at

The session on reporting and payments starts at about 4 h 18 minutes and lasts until the end of the video.

The agenda of the meeting is available here.


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