On this page you’ll find articles and links etc. related to the FIRSTRUN topics.

Valentina Milano & Pietro Reichlin: Risk sharing across the US and Eurozone: The role of public institutions. VoxEU column, 23 January 2017.

EMU Forum 2016 – Completing Economic and Monetary Union

House of Lords (2016), ‘Whatever it takes’: the Five Presidents’ Report on completing Economic and Monetary Union. House of Lords European Union Committee, 13th Report of Session 2015–16, HL Paper 143. [Text] [Pdf]

National fiscal councils: Learning from (recent) experiences (Lars Jonung, ECB Conference on Fiscal Councils, 27 Jan 2016)

How is the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council Performing? An Independent Evaluation of the First Years of IFAC. Lars Jonung (chair), Iain Begg and Michael G Tutty, June 2015