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2nd FIRSTRUN workshop (26 Sept 2016) presentations available

The second FIRSTRUN workshop E(M)U governance: From policy coordination to resource centralization? was organized by CEPS in Brussels on 26 September 2016.



Matthias Busse (CEPS): Revisions of structural budget balance data and the impact on the EU fiscal framework

Thomas Davoine (IHS): Cross-Country Long-Run Spillover Effects and Coordination of Fiscal Policy: a Quantitative Exploration for Europe (based on Deliverable 1.6)

Alexandre Lucas Cole (LUISS): One EMU fiscal policy for the euro (based on the article One EMU Fiscal Policy for the Euro, also available as the Deliverable 3.2)

Gilles Mourre (European Commission): Income insurance: a theoretical exercise with empirical application for the euro area (based on the publication Income insurance: a theoretical exercise with empirical application for the euro area)


For more information, please contact Niku Määttänen or Cinzia Alcidi.


FIRSTRUN First Workshop

The first FIRSTRUN workshop was held on Wednesday 16 September 2015 at CEPS
(Place du Congrès 1, 1000 Brussels, Belgium).

The workshop presented findings from the FIRSTRUN research that test EU fiscal rules using historical data from Finland and then focused on the current policy debate presenting different views about how the future of EU governance could and should evolve.

Programme: What future for EU Fiscal Governance? From the five presidents’ report to the case of Greece

Niku Määttänen (ETLA): Introduction to FIRSTRUN

Tero Kuusi (ETLA): Does the structural budget balance guide fiscal policy pro-cyclically?

Cinzia Alcidi (CEPS): Fiscal rules and fiscal coordination – The Greek watershed



Funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European union.