Iain Begg, Annette Bongardt, Kalypso Nicolaidis and Francisco Torres on EMU and sustainable integration

This paper considers what will be required to make Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) sustainable following the successive crises of recent years. It starts by laying out the policy benchmark, namely the successive ‘President Reports’ produced by EU institutions. It then suggests three dimensions of sustainable integration relevant to EMU, namely the pursuit of sustainable growth, the need to take into account what we call ‘varieties of modernisation’ and the ‘ownership’ of democratically sustainable reforms. It then evaluates the recasting of EMU governance against the benchmark of sustainable integration.

Iain Begg, Annette Bongardt, Kalypso Nicolaidis & Francisco Torres (2015), EMU and Sustainable Integration. Journal of European Integration, Volume 37, Issue 7, 2015, pages 803-816.